2nd, 3rd & 4th October 2024

Client Testimonials

There is a lot of information here today about things like digital media and advances in technology for supporting students. I found it very informative and that's what I came for. I came to gain some knowledge and see how we could apply that in Coventry University.
Programmes Director, Coventry University
The structure is really good in that they tell you in advance what you can expect and on the day you get to plan which streams are most interesting as well as which suppliers are available for a one-on-one conversation.
Interim Deputy Director, Marketing Operations, Coventry University
It's probably exhausting for the vendors but them coming round and spending 4 or 5 minutes with each of the participants in the small groups was really useful because not only did they get to explain and pitch their product but the 4 or 5 people who were sat around the table got to ask questions but also learnt from the other people from the other institutions so for me I think that went really well.
Deputy Director, Teaching & Learning Innovation, University of Hertfordshire
We had several one-to-one business meetings with specific suppliers who weren't there to try and push their products but actually talk to us about how they could tailor a solution for us but also explore where we would need to be in two years to have a proper journey and road map to what it would like for both of us.
Director of Health and Medical Innovation, University of Chester
Very well worthwhile; really interesting themes. The business meetings offered a useful opportunity to ask detailed questions.
International Programmes Director, Goldsmiths University of London
A fantastic event and a perfect way to network, update and discover new ICT business solutions.
Head of Faculty, Exeter College
Overall very good and inspiring.
Director Collaborative Centre for the Built Environment, Coventry University
Networking was good and a great opportunity to understand sector challenges.
Head of School of Social and Health Sciences, Abertay University
Happy to attend again. Very worthwhile and gave some great insight into bigger picture. Good networking.
Stephen Vause, University of the West of England
Excellent networking opportunity.
Benjamin Craig, Reaseheath College
Informative event. It was an efficient way of making contact with other institutions and suppliers.
John Harris, Kingston College