2nd, 3rd & 4th October 2024

Provider Testimonials

There is a huge range of delegates here and we've had some really useful conversations. We've certainly had a lot of opportunities to have onward dialogues with a number of organisations outside of this.
Programme Director, Channel 3 Source
I thought it was an extremely well organised and well run event and I found your team to be engaging, helpful and professional, please pass on my thanks to them.  The value of the meetings arranged were excellent and I am expecting some very positive outcomes in due course.
Education Market Development Manager, Traka
The level of delegates and attendees that we have is of a superior nature and often of a level that we would struggle to get into on a one-to-one basis. Feedback from sales has been that if we had made a contact or had a meeting with somebody at one of the Strategy Networks events, generally we are received very well by the customer. They remember talking to us, they remember meeting us and they are willing to speak to us afterwards.
Public Sector Marketing Lead, Dell
We came last year and it was a great event. It was good fun, it was hard work but we acquired 4 new clients so we thought we would try again. The speed networking is a great way to get around a lot of delegates quickly and in an effective way and certainly stimulated interest for us in further meetings and conversations.
Chair and Co-Founder, Uniquest
We have got a lot of interest and a lot of follow up meetings from the speed networking.
Market Development Manager, Unit 4
We went to the speed networking this morning which was a really good opportunity to create some brand awareness. A lot of people hadn't heard of us and now they have. There is a lot crammed into a day and a half but it could potentially be the most useful event that we do this year. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’ll be back next year.
Sales Director, Desire2Learn
It has been an opportunity to speak to some customers that we would not have otherwise have had any engagement level with and certainly from today we’ve found out about some opportunities that we may have not heard about until they’d actively come to market so we’re able to influence earlier in the process than we would normally have been able to.
Business Development Director - Public Sector, Azzurri
My card (meeting schedule) is already full, and the meetings that we’re having are leading 100% at the moment to future meetings.
Country Manager, Econocom
We’re here because we felt it was a really good opportunity at the Education Strategy Forum to be exposed to a wide range of prospective clients in a relatively short space of time.
Director of Operations, Uni-Quest
Being in sales you normally have to go and find people to talk to and go and have visits but it's all set up for you here. We've got meetings arranged for us and we could book 9 meetings before we got here, with details about each individual. So from a sales point of view, it's fantastic. I'd really recommend it; just looking at the list of people here, I don't think we'd be able to get in touch with them so it's a fantastic event to come and see the standard and quality of people.
Account Director, Discovery Business Solutions
We have managed to interact with a lot of people who are decision makers in some of the large Higher Education institutions. It has enabled us to not only present what we do as a business but also get feedback from them on what their requirements are.
Senior Sales Consultant, Gamma Telecom
Speed networking has enabled us to meet a lot of people in a short space of time which gives us the opportunity to create the excitement in the time given. I love that.
Business Development Manager, Hexaware